The Process of Recruiting Personnel

Meeting the requirements of a job search assignment for recruiting qualified technical personnel must be tailored to meet the special needs of the client. We generally approach an assignment with the following basic format, customizing the search as needed for a particular company’s situation.

  1. Confirmation/Consultation. Before a job search is begun, a meeting is held with the client in order to secure all pertinent information concerning the assignment, including a full understanding of the client organization, the position to be filled, reporting procedures and fee arrangements. A letter confirming the engagement of DWA is submitted following the meeting.
  2. Position Specification. Following a review of the client organization’s position requirements, a written description of the position and candidate qualifications is prepared.
  3. Job Search Strategy. Once a firm grasp of the assignment is reached, a strategy is developed which will enable us to find the ideal candidate in the most expeditious manner.
  4. Research. An assessment of both target industries and companies from which prospective candidates may be found is undertaken. We draw from a wide variety of public information as well as extensive discussions with executives within the pertinent industry who are qualified to recommend respected individuals who possess the skills required.
  5. Preliminary Contact. We interview the prospective candidates to determine whether they possess the background and interest sufficient to warrant placement in your firm.
  6. Interviews. We then arrange for and conduct an extensive interview with those prospects who appear qualified for the position to evaluate their qualifications and level of interest in the client’s position. We typically interview the most outstanding ten to twelve candidates.
  7. Candidate Presentations. The candidates who are best suited for the position are presented to the client in the form of a detailed report covering the candidates’ background and work history and an assessment of their qualifications. Interviews with the client are scheduled at this time. In recruiting technical personnel, we first present three to five of the best for a telephone interview, then in person.
  8. References. When strong mutual interest is established between the client and the final candidate, we contact those individuals who are qualified to comment upon the candidate’s personal qualities of leadership, technical competence, achievements and integrity. This approach is used to confirm the impressions gained as a result of the interviews and to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate and those factors which are essential to achieving success in the position and the client organization.
  9. Offer/Close. Drawing upon our experience in recruiting and our knowledge of the client and the candidate, we can assist in developing a compensation package which will attract the final candidate. By functioning as a third party we can resolve details which affect the acceptance or rejection of the offer.
  10. Follow-up. While the assignment is technically complete once the offer is accepted, we find that a follow-up with the client and the candidate during the initial stages of the relationship is a constructive aid in anticipating and avoiding problems during this period of adjustment.

DWA  Job Search Standards

Dick Williams & Associates maintains the highest standards of ethical professional conduct.

Our operational standards in recruiting technical personnel are:

  • We accept only those assignments which we are qualified to undertake on the basis of our professional competence.
  • We consider all information concerning the business of our clients, strictly confidential
  • We support all laws pertaining to the equal rights of prospects or candidates involved in the conduct of our business
  • We will not accept a fee for assisting an individual to find employment
  • We will not initiate discussions with any person employed by an active client which potentially could lead to employment by another company


  • Responsiveness. A successful business requires careful attention to the critical task of running the company. Diverting this attention to the recruiting process is often detrimental to managing the company. We concentrate the resources of our full-time professional recruiting staff to meet the special needs of the client. More often than not, we can fill a position faster than the company can on its own.
  • Cost Efficiency. The services of DWA are not inexpensive. However, considering the results of having the right person in the right job, our services are remarkably cost efficient.
  • Thoroughness. Our commitment to excellence assures that you will have the opportunity to consider the broadest possible range of qualified candidates. We can assist you by impartially evaluating internal as well as external candidates to ensure that the best person is selected.
  • Representation. The professional staff brings to each assignment a wealth of experience in business and a respect for the complexity of the people-side of a company. DWA professionals are skilled in the critical art of representing the client and presenting qualified candidates in a fashion which promotes the formation of the proper introduction of client and candidate.
  • Confidentiality. Client and candidate confidentiality is of prime consideration. In no case is the confidentiality of the client, his or her business or the candidate compromised.
  • Selectivity. We are committed to providing clients a selection of the finest qualified candidates available. To meet this end DWA limits its pursuit of assignments to a few clients within a given business in order to minimize potential conflicts of interest and thus broaden the scope of our hi-tech job search activity.

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