Recruiting For Your Company

To help better understand your search needs, send us your job description to or call 925 980-4991.

The following information will also be very helpful to us:

  1. Salary range, base, bonuses, car or car allowance, health benefits.
  2. Where is this job located?
  3. Who are your competitors? Can we recruit from them?
  4. How long have you been looking? How many people have you interviewed?
  5. Have you been using any search engines?
  6. Do other search firms have this assignment?
  7. Is this a new position or a replacement? What happened to the previous person?
  8. What are some good things about your company that we can talk about?
  9. Why should a person leave their current job for your company?

A DWA Search Makes Sense When:

  • Timing is critical
  • Internal promotion is not possible
  • The position is specialized
  • The situation is sensitive
  • Confidentiality is essential

We know you are looking for good people, not just good statistics. Our recruitment process goes beyond traditional computer searches, advertisements and resume files. It includes personal, confidential contact with business leaders and expert referrals in key industries throughout the world. We understand recruitment from the manager’s point of view.

When the right people are doing the right jobs, a business thrives. But finding these people takes time, and the demands of running a company may interfere with effective recruitment.

We can help you find highly qualified people who are compatible with the style and structure of your organization. And we can find them quickly.

DWA Specialty Searches:

Technology Searches (Semiconductor, Chemical, Materials, Automation, IT)

  • Presidents, General and Operations Managers
  • Vice Presidents, Sales, Marketing, CFOs
  • Key Account Executives,  Product Managers
  • Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical, Software
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • Technical Directors and Engineering Managers
  • IT Directors and Engineers
  • Process and Application Engineers
    • Photolithography, Etch, CVD, PVD, Diffusion and Implant
    • CMP and Copper, Bump Processing
    • Wafer, Mask and Disk Cleaning, Photoresist and Strippers
    • Contamination Control, Chemicals and Etchants
    • DI Water, Clean rooms

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